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Are you on the hunt for branding companies in Dubai to revitalise your company’s brand perception in the market? Look no further; Belsons Digital is here to put your vision into perspective. Our comprehensive branding services strategically revamp your brand identity and make you stand out in the UAE’s competitive market.

At Belsons Digital, we take an exhaustive approach. We analyse your industry and collect information about your business. Your brand personality and positioning, target audience, nature of business, preference of colour and shapes, and, more importantly, your vision and values all contribute to how your brand should look and feel.

Muhammad Nabeel Rabbani- Belsons Digital

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Why Do You Need Branding?

Branding or rebranding is a daunting task that requires time, money, and expertise. However, the question is, why should a business spend money on an activity that may not directly impact the business’ operations and profitability? We have listed down some reasons why businesses opt for branding services:

Why need branding
Change in the business focus and mission
Shift or enhancement in the audience targeting
Adapting to the latest trends
Business mergers, acquisitions, and expansions
Technological advancements
Brand perception in the market
Legal issues and complications

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As one of the best branding agencies in Dubai, we transform vision into reality. Contact us for a free 60-minute consultation or visit our office for a detailed discussion.

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    What Do Branding Services In Dubai Include?

    Your brand is more than a name. It is the story of your passion that you want to communicate with the world. It is not just a logo made with shapes and colours; your aspiration drives you to achieve your business objectives.

    Based on the above, we draft a detailed brand guidelines document that serves as a blueprint for all touchpoints.

    The brand guidelines document includes the following:

    What Do Branding Services In Dubai Include?
    logo creation


    Our experienced graphic designers create a compelling and creative brand logo that is visually appealing and leaves a lasting impression on viewers. The logo depicts the true soul and objective of your business. The brand guideline includes the logo’s ideology, construction, correct usage, and variations for multiple use cases.

    Color Palette

    We thoughtfully select colours to complement your brand identity and ensure practicality. We also suggest accent colours that allow you to introduce variations while creating the marketing materials.

    Color Pallete
    calligraphy Design


    Selecting the right font family is one of the most technical parts of the branding exercise. Our team ensures that the suggested fonts are practical, visually correct, and globally available.


    Like the brand logo, colour, and font, the consistency of the icons is also very important. We provide all applicable icons that represent different attributes of operations and communication.

    Icon graphy
    business stationery collateral

    Collaterals & Printables

    Our team also designs the collaterals to give you a visual perspective of various mediums. From signage and billboards to stationery items, t-shirts, flyers, and brochures, we consistently ensure that all marketing materials are presented.

    Website Design & Development

    Our graphic design team also prepares a website design based on the new logo, colour palette, font style, and other specifications. We ensure the design is modern, user-friendly, scalable, and easy to develop.

    Web Design from branding


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    Client Retention
    Website Developed
    Years of Experience
    Keywords Ranked
    Campaigns Managed
    Client Retention
    Website Developed
    Years of Experience
    Clients Served
    Keywords Ranked
    Campaigns Managed

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    Frequently Asked Question

    What is your turnaround time for graphic design projects?
    Our turnaround time depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the tasks, the number of collaterals, and the approval of initial drafts. We usually provide the first draft within five working days and the final delivery within four weeks or less.
    Do you design digital and printable graphics?
    Yes, we design digital media, such as websites, banners, social media posts, and print media, such as brochures, flyers, business cards, and more.
    What file formats do you provide as part of the final delivery?
    We can provide the final files in various formats. The most commonly used file formats are JPEG, PNG, PDF, PSD, and AI files, which you can use according to your requirements.
    Do you provide custom graphic designing services?
    Yes, our team provides custom graphics based on your brand identity and guidelines and your choice of colours and shapes.
    Do you design graphics for special events and promotions?
    Yes, we design eye-catching invitations, promotional banners, and signage for special events such as New Year, Eid, Ramadan, and more.

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