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If your ads are not showing much often, are not bringing many leads, are experiencing lower ad positions, or the ads are simply not compelling enough to generate a good click-through rate – Rest assured, you are not alone in the race.

On average, over 55 companies compete for the top spots on Google when a keyword is searched. Securing the top positions persistently and getting the maximum return from the ad budget is not everyone’s cup of tea.

We are an experienced PPC company in Dubai that is well-versed in performance marketing. Soon after Google Ads was inception in 2000, we were into pay-per-click advertising, exploring the right combination of strategies and expertise to execute successful PPC campaigns.

Muhammad Nabeel Rabbani- Belsons Digital

Muhammad Nabeel

Head Of Agency

Our Process Of PPC Ads Management

We believe in spending more and more time on the strategy and planning part of campaign management. As soon as a client account manager is assigned, the following steps are followed to ensure the timely commencement of the campaign:

google ads services
pre meeting audit

1. Pre-meeting Audit and Analysis

The assigned account manager runs an initial audit of the existing campaigns and the website. A comprehensive report is prepared to understand the efficacy of the existing campaigns and the same is discussed in the kick-off meeting.

2. Kick-off Meeting

The first meeting is to discuss and finalise the strategy, the execution plan, and other aspects of client management. The main pointers are mentioned below:

Initial audit report
Budget estimations
Marketing objectives
Opportunities and limitations
Business Insights
Channels of communication
Deliverables and approval
Campaign execution plan
Google Ads Planning

3. Campaign Planning

We are one of the few PPC agencies in Dubai that has served over 300 clients in the UAE. Our key to success lies in an efficient digital marketing infrastructure, established SOPs, and an in-house team of Google-certified specialists. Below is our step-by-step process for executing Google Ads campaigns.

1. Comprehensive Keyword Research

considers the commercial and transactional aspects in line with business objectives and preferences.

3. Refining The Landing Page

Refining the landing page to provide a clear and concise user experience helps maximize conversions and minimize bounce rates.

5. Campaign Settings

This includes geo targeting, budget allocation, ad scheduling, assets, audience set-up, and other checks, are carried out.

7. Monitoring & Optimization

Continuous monitoring and optimisation are the keys to keeping the campaign on track and improving results over the period.

2. Compelling Ad Copywriting

Compelling ad copywriting that creates high relevance and clickthrough rates Improves ad performance.

4. Conversion Tracking

In the meantime, another team implements conversion tracking that helps gather analytical data to make informed optimisation decisions.

6. Campaign Launch

Once all checks are complete, the campaigns are launched. Ensuring seamless execution and optimal performance.

8. Reporting

The format of the report is finalised and shared periodically with the account manager's notes and recommendations.

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This no-obligation consultation session will help you explore the opportunities for business growth with an effective Google PPC ad campaign. Our experts attentively listen to your pain points and advise a tailored solution.

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    What Budget Is A Good Budget For Pay Per Click Advertising?

    A common question business owners ask any PPC agency in Dubai is what budget is good. The answer to this question could be a quick and random number, but the marketing budget depends on various factors. Below are the most important ones:

    • Marketing objective
    • Range of services
    • Capacity to handle business inquiries
    • Sales and revenue targets
    • Competitive metrics
    • The mix of marketing channels
    • Geographical coverage
    • Target audience (demographics dynamics)
    budget estimation

    What To Expect From A Google Ads Agency In Dubai?

    Choosing the right SEM agency in Dubai can be challenging. We at Belsons Digital fully comply with the checklist below. 

    Our team of digital marketers is trained and periodically supervised to comply with these guidelines. We strive to provide the best PPC services in Dubai so you get a deserving return on your investment, and we will have the chance to serve you for a longer time.

    Industry experience

    Range of services

    Ethical practices

    Team structure

    Latest technology

    Proactive approach


    Positive reviews

    Clear T&Cs

    Google certified

    Presence in the UAE

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    Client Retention
    Website Developed
    Years of Experience
    Keywords Ranked
    Campaigns Managed
    Client Retention
    Website Developed
    Years of Experience
    Clients Served
    Keywords Ranked
    Campaigns Managed

    Frequently Asked Question

    How long does it take to launch a Google Ads campaign?
    The launch time of a campaign depends on the scope of services, structure, and type. A medium-sized campaign can take 3-5 days to complete and launch.
    What are the different types of campaigns?
    There are many different types of campaigns, such as search, display, video, shopping ads, local campaigns, and more. Each type has numerous benefits. Choosing a campaign that suits your marketing objective, products or services, and budget is advisable.
    How much is a click cost?
    The cost per click depends on factors such as industry competition, bidding strategy, keyword match type, website user experience, and more.
    What if my website is bad, and I don’t have time to revamp it?
    We can develop a customised landing page for your PPC campaigns. A landing page provides a focused user experience, loads faster, and helps improve conversion rate.
    Can we run Google Ads during specific hours and geographical areas?
    Yes, you can run the campaign during specific hours of the day and in a geographical area of your choice.

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