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Choosing the Right Social Media Platform

According to META, there are currently 9.1 million active Facebook users in the UAE, 24.7% more (1.8 million) than last year. Instagram has also recorded a whopping 41% jump in ad reach compared to 2023.

These statistics from the two largest social media management platforms indicate a massive opportunity for businesses planning to transform their social media presence. If you are one of them looking for a reliable social media marketing company in Dubai, look no further and contact us.

At Belsons Digital, our team of social media specialists helps you select the right channels that align with your brand identity, products and services, and available resources. With our result-oriented approach, we invest money in the right avenues to maximise your marketing investment’s ROI.

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How Social Media Advertising Can Transform Your Business?

Social media has become an integral part of the entire marketing ecosystem. As per Meltwater’s State of Social Media 2024 report, 38% of business owners have planned to increase the budget on their social media advertising in Dubai. Businesses can now select a multi-channel marketing approach to achieve various marketing objectives such as:

Brand Awareness

Unlike inbound marketing channels, social media platforms have a mass audience that helps you create an impression and stay on their minds. More and more impressions through diversified platforms imprint the brand perception and consideration.

brand awareness
Social media stats

Audience Engagement

Social media directly communicates between businesses and their customers. Content in various formats across different placements ensures your audience stays connected with your business and that you respond to their inquiries, comments, and feedback on time.

Website Traffic And Lead Generation

Besides brand awareness, you can use social media to generate website traffic and leads for your sales team. If strategised well, sponsored marketing campaigns can achieve amazing results. The right audience, channels, and content delivery can fetch amazing conversion rates and massive lead volumes.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Channels

We specialise in Facebook marketing in Dubai and can help your business connect well with your audience, garner high-quality traffic and leads, and boost your brand building significantly.
As a leading Instagram ad agency in Dubai, we create stunning content that enhances the experience of your reels and stories, maximises audience engagement, and is aligned with the META algorithms.
With our strategic LinkedIn lead generation services, you can reach a customised audience using their demographics & interests. We connect you with the right audience to boost engagement & sales.
Everyone wants their word heard. X (formly twitter) is a sophisticated channel for businesses and individuals who want to build authority with their influential knowledge and insights about a topic, industry, or expertise. Explore your options with our Twitter ad agency services.
Seeing people going viral on TikTok? Now its your time. Our TikTok ads agency has mastered the art of creating eye-catching and engaging content that fetches rapid gains in your business popularity.We help you leverage your creative potential & drive engagement.
Connect with the elusive Gen Z and boost your followers through engaging Snap ads and augmented reality experiences. With innovative ad formats and relevant audience targeting, we can ensure your brand stays relevant and correctly showcases your services and products.

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Embedded into our vision and mission, we are committed to providing exceptional social media marketing services in Dubai. Our sole purpose is to deliver high value for clients’ money, backed by an amazing client management experience.

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    Our Process Of Social Media Marketing

    Our social media marketing process is strategic. Our team of account managers conducts a brainstorming session with you to understand your business objectives, preferences, and available resources, and establish an understanding of the achievable results. Once this is done, the next step is to set up the base pillars of the campaign, which are:

    target audiences online

    Targeted audience

    The most critical step of a successful campaign is selecting an audience. We create an audience that is significant in number, actively looking for the products & services you sell & demographically eligible to make a purchase decision.
    content planning

    Content creation

    Our graphic designers create visually appealing content that conveys the right message, is aligned with brand guidelines, and includes all the components that help generate high-quality clicks.
    budget estimation

    Type of campaign

    We then carefully choose the right type of campaign based on your marketing objective, available budget, and content type.

    Once the above attributes have been set, the next stage is the campaign launch. We ensure that every aspect of the campaign, e.g. budget allocation, ad schedule, ad placements, and bidding strategy, is set carefully and double-checked before the launch. We keep a close eye on the data analytics, review it, and refine the strategy accordingly to improve performance and achieve optimum results.

    Things To Keep in Mind Before Choosing A Social Media Partner

    Choosing the right social media marketing agency in Dubai is not easy. Numerous companies offer the services in different ways, so you should choose one that meets the following criteria.

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    Client Retention
    Website Developed
    Years of Experience
    Keywords Ranked
    Campaigns Managed

    Frequently Asked Question

    What social media platforms do you specialise in and recommend to your clients?
    We specialise in all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. However, we recommend a platform based on our client’s marketing objective and the available budget.
    What type of content do you create for social media campaigns?
    We create all types of content for our client’s campaigns. From static banners to animated videos, we strategically choose the right set of creatives based on the campaign type and audience profile.
    How do you measure the success of the campaigns?
    The success of a social media campaign can be assessed by the growth in brand awareness, quality of reach, audience engagement, and quality and quantity of business leads.
    Do you offer paid social media marketing campaigns as well?
    Absolutely! We execute result-oriented social media campaigns that maximise investment returns and enhance brand awareness.
    How long it takes for the social media campaigns to deliver results?
    Social media is a fast-paced channel that can deliver great outcomes in a few days. However, optimisation to achieve consistent results can take 2 to 3 months.
    What is the right budget for a social media campaign?
    The allocation of the budget solely depends on your marketing objectives. The factors such as lead requirements, scope of services, and geography impact the budget.

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